The Boy who Cried Wolf

We have been provided an opportunity in todays world to view, rant, rave and spew garbage information at light-speed, or perhaps better said, in a nano-second, thanks to the internet.  Sadly much of the information that we see, read and hear about is just bogus.  Of greater concern, the so-called professional news organizations have relied on this ability to get news fast, but factionally incorrect, all in the sake of getting the news first. It’s merely a game of numbers.  Media hype, sensationalism and hyperbole rule the day of today’s new sources.  Follow the money trail.

Damned the reporter or the agency that fact checks and provides factually correct intel.  It’s all about speed – at all costs.  First one in, first one to win.

When Buzz-Feed releases false information about Trump and the Russians and his association, does it matter that there is no intel that is fact checking worthy?  No it does not.  Let’s just smear the President-elect with a fabricated, fictional, fairy-tale of fraudulent information.  Perfect name for this company. They create a “buzz” by “feed-ing” the public with fractured fairy-tales.  And they are completely at ease with doing so, as the Editor-in-Chief has so stated.  Shameful and worrisome.

It’s no wonder Trump slammed CNN yesterday in the news conference for releasing such a bogus report. Perhaps, CNN should add to its list of names (corrupt)- News Network, due to the manner is which they represented there stories during the Presidential election and primaries.  Why not add, creative, corrosive, Clinton (they were completely biased-let’s be real here), cuckoo., because they just might be nuts over there, and character-less.  Because they have none left, (in my opinion).

Here is my REAL concern.  What happens when a serious news worthy story surfaces, that could pose an immediate danger to innocence.  How are we to know if this is fact or fiction?  Whom do we believe? The social media mongers who thrive on nothing more then attention, or the news outlets who are fractionally accurate.  This presents a truly honest and genuinely serious concern and dilemma.

Is it plausible to suggest that many people could be gravely and adversely affected because they no longer have trust or belief in the news outlets.  Definitely so.  When the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” one to many times, do we not jeopardize the safety and sanctuary of us all, at the behest of what we are to believe is trustworthy information.  Definitely so.

America We have a Problem.