Specious at best

Specious by definition; apparently good or right though lacking real merit; superficially pleasing-would be an accurate way to describe the news media in general.

Superficial, would be a great way to describe Obama and there Liberal Democrats. Some would argue, Trump and the GOP as well.  I say, have at it.  Let’s face it–have you ever met an elitist whois not superficial?  See Hollywood, Washington DC and most publicly elected officials for fine examples.  Most everyone I have ever met who is an ego-maniacal person, has been superficial to a fault.  Who of us are not at some point in our lives, in some manner.

The real issue/concern is whether or not as a nation we will allow the sources of information that we receive, or are generated for us to view, read etc., are permitted to be superficial and “specious.”  If we continually ignore the rhetoric and narratives that are (dare I say it) speciously provided daily, by the media, then we are at fault for the bogus intel and information we are willing to receive.  Shame on us, all of us.

Stop buying into the headline news.  Is it really what the news headline is truly about.  Be better then that. It is called “Headline News” for a reason.  It is intended to grab your attention.  The MSM certainly is adept at this slick craft of writing.  Now if they would only be so well engineered in there writings and reporting, wouldn’t that be nice?