The Greatest Show on Earth

The world as we know it has changed dramatically in the past 150 years, most notably with the advent of the internet, cell phones and todays light speed technology.  The precursor, the original Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus has closed.

Imagine an American/World icon in (live) entertainment is shutting down.  To think that this company and its entertainment started years before the Civil War in this nation, is almost unthinkable.  It is sad.

How many children, families etc., have been privileged to witness the bigtop curious with animals, clowns, side shows etc?  The children of today generally have no idea what talented entertainers, showmanship skills, and the many people that have participated in the success of this show.

There are personal entertainers, wrestlers, boxers and others who have referred to themselves as the “Greatest Show on Earth”, yet have they really lived up to this moniker?  Santa Anita Race track bills itself as “The Greatest Show on Turf”., highlighting the large usage of this moniker.  I don’t disagree, it’s great fun.

However; our entertainment value and demographics has changed. Cirque de Soleil, the french acrobats are brilliant!  They are likely the closest thing to a personal talent based show that people view live these days.  To think Ringling Bros, laid the foundation for this show over 140 years ago is incredible.

Today, the greatest show on earth appears to be, the comical and often tragic behavior of the MSM in politics and the side show circus they create with the specious reporting, thus turning it in to todays best reality TV show, (sorry Donald Trump and the Apprentice).

When you create fractured fairytales stories, report salacious stories to gain viewership, and then fawn over corrupt and corrosive behaviors of political people, all the while being complicit in covering up their behavior, this has become the new Greatest show on Earth.

What a sad and lecherous direction this nation has turned.

Talk about magicians with the slight-of hand ability.  Today’s MSM, have become masters of this craft.

What’s next?  Time will tell.