Started Behind, Left Behind

The “Lead from Behind mantra that Obama-nation has implemented for the past 8 years, has done nothing but left – U.S.- behind.  One cannot lead unless you get out in front., hence., its called leading.  One would think someone as highly educated as the Merry Muslim would know this, apparently not.

He wishes he could be referred an onanist, except he has never actually engaged in the act – of anything.  The old phrase, there is a “penalty for early withdrawal,” see Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and most of the middle east muck that he has left behind, definitely is not right.  And yes, that is a political metaphor. Obama has been so much of a pussy to even attempt to penetrate the surface of what really needed to transpire and gain victorious satisfaction in that region, no doubt anywhere else as well. He has left this nation limp and haggard.  It’s time we as a nation decide to stiffen up and engage.

Thank god for term limits!  In a few short days POTUS – POS will be a faint memory.  There is not much left of the US standing in the world, under his imperial rule.   Hopefully some common sense, some courage and some backbone will  return to our leaders, so that the US will re-engage in the world and make it healthier, safer environment for all to co-exist.  Certainly that is sorely needed here at home as well, on all fronts and at all levels.

The Nightmare is almost over – America it’s time to awaken and lead the world once again.

“If you want to feel what hopelessness feels like” (Michelle) – thank your old man’s mantra, progressive B——t and his administration, that obviously didn’t work out for anyone-most notably the black community.