Welcome Mr. President – Good Riddance Mr. Fraud

Did you notice that our 45th President in his acceptance speech, used the word “We,” 45 times.  Coincidental?  I think not.  He spoke of “We the People” and “we” as a nation we’ll be “Great” again.

Is it also coincidental that he is also the 45th President – perhaps.  In 8 years, how many times did you ever hear Barack Obama speak of anyone other then himself?  Never.

There is your immediate difference between the two.  While President Trump has an ego, a large one at that, I believe his best interests lie in this nation moving forward productively.  Can anyone say that of the ideologue, rogue President we have survived for the last 8 years.  Hell no!

Good Riddance Mr. Fraud.  (Your next assignment), likely General Secretary of the United Nations.  IT would the perfect fit.