LGBT – and Hollywood Hitler List

When I hear the likes of Ashley Judd, Rachel Maddow etc., make the comparison to Hitler is the streets, while marching and spewing garbage from there cesspool infected brains of disfunction, over the Trump victory., it warms my soul., truthfully.  Are these Hollywood and liberal dykes for real?  They profess that a man who wishes for the “people” to have the the opportunity take there “republic” back, as it was written and conceived many years ago, is Hitler-esk?  Where did they learn about this nations history, in fantasia?

Hitlers march towards a fascist society, one that rules the people, in a totalitarian manner, is precisely where this nation has been headed under the current (and just past President) and the many other Congresses before him.  This exactly, “who are not” and were never intended to be., as a nation.

How about being a little more Liberal and giving this man a chance?  No one bitched, cried, rioted and stoke the flames of divisiveness when Obama won, (twice).  We as a nation accepted the results and moved on, hopeful for a better nation, one that would respond to all the peoples needs.  Sadly, we did not receive this type of leadership., thus, Trump won the election. The establishment, has crapped on the people long enough.

Interesting footnote:  Obama left the White House with a high approval rating (estimated at 56%), but 72% of the people think this nation is headed in the wrong direction.  What does that tell you?  He is well liked and cool — but his policies and ability to lead are utter failures.  Trump has only a 45% approval rating, (being liked) but 66% of the people think “his policies and agenda” are in the right (no political pun here) direction for this nation.  This, before he was even sworn into office.

John Lennon famously said., “give Peace a chance.”  None would disagree with this statement.  I say, give Trump a chance and stop your false narrative and crybaby tantrums., be progressive – Liberals.