Albright – is apparently not so Bright

Madelaine Albright, a Democratic Jewish Congress women, is apparently not so bright.  She has decided to “register” as a Muslim, in the efforts to support all people.  Has this woman lost her mind?  Does she not understand that she is crapping on her heritage, her namesake andmher religion?  Just more political posturing for votes at the expense of others., most notably Israel

Albright tweets:  I was raised Catholic, became Episcopalian & found out later my family was Jewish. I stand ready to register as Muslim in #solidarity.

What will the Leftwing Looney tune Liberals do next?  If you ask me, they would sell the souls of their children and pimp out their wives, husbands for votes.  Shameful and disgraceful – add disgusting to the list as well.

ADL- Director: Jonathon Greenblatt:
“The day they create a registry for Muslims is the day that I register as a Muslim because of my Jewish faith, because of my commitment to our core American values, because I want this country to be as great as it always has been,” Greenblatt told the AFP.

Interesting quote considering Muslims “core” values do not adjoin those of the USA and its Judea/Christian values.

All I can say is;  Jesus Christ!