Two Bagger?

Usually, the phrase, a “Two bagger” is a slang and snarky reference to the not so pretty looks of a women.   She’s a two baggy, one for her and one for you, just in case hers falls off.  NO it’s not so nice, big deal.  No doubt women have said far worse regarding men.  Deal with it.

In this case I am referencing the innately stupid Plastic and Paper bag law that is now on the books in California.  You see, they have passed a law that requires its citizens and others, to pay for grocery bags, regardless of whether they are plastic or paper., at the supermarket.  Garbage!  That’s what I have to say.  It’s a garbage law about garbage that just simply doesn’t add up, let alone make any sense.

The idiot politicians created this mess back in 2006, when they created the law requiring grocery stores to run recycling programs  to collect plastic bags.  To obtain the grocers support, they forbid cities and counties from implanting any cost or fees for doing so.

Some cities, like San Francisco responded to this prohibition by charging a fee a year later, as did many other cities and counties thereafter. Interestingly,  only about 3% of plastic bags are produced using oil, this according to recent research as of 2014.  Research has shown that the cost to produce paper bags, is far greater and more harmful to the environment (ozone layer) water usage, natural resources, i.e., trees than  that of oil, or natural gas which is used to produce the plastic bags.  In fact, paper bags  are nearly 3.5 times more dangerous (worse) in terms of green house gases than plastic.  The very environmental thing they are said to protect.  Brilliance I tell you!

Globally, the United States with all of its industrialization, only emits approximately 3% of the worlds air and water pollution.  Sacramento would have you believe that we are its worst offenders.  Asia and the Pacific Rim actually create almost 30% of the Earths air and water pollutants.

To dissuade from the environmental nonsense, sadly the Democrats are screaming that this will create jobs here in California, yet the vast majority of the bags are made out of state, where regulations and rules to produce products, are not so restrictive.  How is that for ironic?  The bags we have to pay for are creating jobs in another state.  Brilliant politicians at work, don’t you think?  There fantasyland – Utopian society just keeps getting better.

What’s next?  Charging of passing gas in order to save gas?  Oh wait, they have already done that one too.

By the way, we have even broached the subject of cross contamination and filth in these reusable bags.   I can’t wait until the salmonella, E. Coli and other bacterial strains start to infiltrate our communities.  I guess the original plastic bags were not sufficient enough to be deemed “reusable”, so NOW they make them 10x thicker and classify them as such.  Brilliant! Oh Boy!

These political hacks in Sacramento will never get it.  Stupid is as Stupid does, or as comedian Ron White brilliantly said — “You can’t Fix Stupid.”