The Puppet and the Puppet Master

Funny just how hypocritical the Far-Left Liberals really are.  We didn’t hear a peep from leftists when former President Obama created the list of nations, back in 2011, that Trump published (the temporary ban of refugees).   Is anyone surprised?  Not me.  Given the Democrats’ standards have nothing to do with safety and security and everything to do with politics and appeasement.

Right now Trump looks the Puppet-Master and Obama’s policies the Puppet.   Based on the swift decision making and reversal of Executive Orders in just his first week of office, we definitely have a new sheriff in town.

Now, “Who’s the Dummy?”  Most of America and many of our staunch allies are applauding the moves made.  Time will tell, but I believe them to genuinely be in this nations best interest, thus, they will be in the worlds best interest as well.

When the United States gets out in front and leads, the worlds is a better place – for all.

Let us not forget,  ISIS vowed to import terrorists disguised as refugees.  Does anyone think they really care which side of the political aisle a person sits?  The United States experienced an unprecedented number of domestic terrorist attacks committed by Muslim immigrants or children of immigrants during Obama’s tenure.  In order to stay strong, one must stay be strong-first.