Gender Fluid-Get Real!

What is gender fluid, by definition?

Urban Dictionary:  One day you wake up and you feel more feminine or masculine. Commonly called “attention seekers” or that they “made up their gender” but no. It is a minority in the trans community along with gender queer and they get a lot of hate for it.

Please ask yourself why someone, anyone, would wish to become a minority of choice, within a minority of society?  Could it be for “attention getting” needs, desires?  I would like to think so.  I mean, really what are you going to gain.  The transgender community already despises you for selectively being different.  Do you think that regular society, (the masses) are going to welcome you with open arms?  You can’t be that naive, can you?

This nothing more than an attention getting scheme by those who are desperate for, well – attention of any kind.  Remember bad press is good press – sometimes.

Personally, I think these people are delusional, in serious need of psychological help/counseling for many reasons and likely need a good swift kick in the ass, or perhaps a “dope slap” across the head.

I liken to call them Liquid Squid-mostly because I find them to be repulsive by choosing this as there means of attention getting and spineless – in most cases.  The fact that society, media etc, even pays any attention to these twits, is staggering to me. Sort of like giving Al Sharpton a platform to speak and demonstrate just what an ignorant fool a man can be.

I really do not care what a person choses to do with his/her life., but DO NOT tell me or subject me to having to comply with there insidious behavioral antics.

We are born men/women, male and female.  All else is a matter of choice, period.  They’re simply zero facts to refute this claim but reams of paper and scientific study that support the delusional thoughts and psychological disorders associated with “transgenders,” and others alike.