Have you ever noticed that in this country we have “marches” for everything and everything else? Truthfully, we really do.  We have marches  for Gay rights, Equal rights, women’s rights, Unequal rights, etc, etc,etc.  I think we need to have a march for “Not Marching.”  Of course, the march would have to be in March, but I say the hell with that-let’s have it in April.  April 1st would be my first choice, (no pun intended).

Wouldn’t that be grand?  Speaking of grand, do we have a Grand Marshall, like that of the Rose Parade?  I say “Yes”, of course.  Now who do we get for the 1st Annual March for “Not Marching”?  There are some good choices. Charlie Sheen is good one, because well, he’s nuts and that fits, doesn’t it?  How about Dingy Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi, neither of them seem to make much sense these days, or any other day for that fact.  How about Al Sharpton?  Too black if you ask, so don’t ask me.

We’ll get back to the list of potential Grand Marshals.  We need to find a location suitable and of course non offensive, to marchers.   Disneyland would be ideal, — it’s the land of make believe – but likely to costly, (since it’s our first event) – maybe in a few years as we grow and gain media press.  How about a stroll down Lincoln avenue in Miami Beach, or perhaps Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA?  Surely the liberal Hollywood crowd and elites would support us?

Oh my, the minutiae that needs to be planned.  Dizzying  to say the least.

Accepting all ideas and suggestions.  Come on-jump on board and let’s get the 1st Annual March for “Not Marching” off the ground and marching forward.

Are you with me?