Match (now) made in Heaven

Hannity and Colmes was for 13 years, a terrific, bantering perspective of political news and current events. The polar opposites that they possessed and the infusion of ideas that they bantered over, were a perfect mix of what entertainment of information on TV and radio should be, perhaps even the standard bearer for things to come.  Like “peanut butter and jelly,” they just fit perfectly — an American standard.

When they went off the air in 2009, and thus became the Hannnity show., it was a like an amicable divorce.  I enjoyed watching Hannity egg on Colmes during his many visits thereafter, but always with great respect and appreciation for his friend and former colleague.  While I often times didn’t agree with his views and or his perspectives on political matters, I can at least say– he was well informed.

To read the blistering statement made about him in “Slate,” were appalling to me. Especially at a time when his family is grieving his loss.  Where is the suspension for this writers grotesque words?  Will it be forthcoming?  I hope so.

Alan Colmes, you are in the best hands possible.  Rest peacefully.  Those with a minimal amount of decorum and decency have got your back., as should be.