Oscar and the Odd Couple

How great was it watching the Oscars completely bumbling, screwing up and providing a hilariously disastrous ending to the night, when they announced “La La Land” as the Best Picture winner and then take the award away saying they screwed up— thus giving it to the true winner, Moonlight. Hahahaha. LMAO!

Perfect ending!! Seriously! These self aggrandizing, egocentric, spoiled brats, provide a platform for themselves to the world, where they say, “look at me I am so wonderful,” and it gets completely “F”ed up.. Does it get any better?

Think about it. They live, work and play in “La La Land,” aka “moonlight” – and then La La Land gets upstaged by Moonlight. PERFECT!

I think Price-Waterhouse-Cooper should get an Emmy Award for there part. Now that would be hilarious!

They are the ones would really screwed up, but who cares, they provided the best laugh of the night, so to them I say “Thank You!”

La La Land and Moonlight will forever be known as the “Odd Couple” of the the awards ceremony.