Presidential Speech –

First, a superb speech and brilliant message.  I can only hope this is the start of many more from President Trump and it is the catalyst for behavior we all hope to see.

While watching and listening to President Trumps speech to Congress, I couldn’t help but notice how all the Democrats were wearing white, in some form of solidarity.

What I found amusing— the only thing missing were there “hoods.” I guess they were being political and respectfully correct, by taking off there “hats” indoors, — LOL

There was no greater display of disrespect and intolerance for another human being who valiantly gave his life for the freedoms we all enjoy, then to watch Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Keith Ellison, NOT stand and recognize the wife of a slain Navy Seal.

Disgusting-Disgusting and Disgraceful.  I expect nothing less from Ellison, who is a racist Muslim and Anti-Semtic POS.  While NOT a fan of Schultz, she is “Killing” the tribe.  Shameful!

I suppose being as corrupt as she is and associating with the likes of Hillary, who is so toxic and poisonous an individual, it has clearly rubbed off on her.  I say re-open Aushwitz and send the Bitch there.

Talk about “deplorable” behavior.