Maher(ed) and Moore

Political comedian Bill Maher and documentary movie maker Michael Moore have publicly “marred” the image and relevance of fallen Navy Seal Team member Ryan Owens, by vilifying his wife Carryn with egregious and horrific statements. This is classic deplorable behavior demonstrated by Democratic party supporters, that exemplifies their blatant lack of respect, dignity, and class as individuals.

Collectively, they have marred more than just this courageous man and his wife.  They have demonized the millions who fight, have fought, live and have died for the very freedoms they enjoy.  Most notably, the freedom of speech.  They’re cowardly display of words is reprehensible.  Clearly they are just seeking any kind of public notoriety.

Personally, I am ashamed of Bill Maher.  I like him.  He is a very funny political comedian, who should have acted better.  He knows better.

As for Michael Moore, he is a fat POS, who hasn’t made a movie worth watching-period.  “Do the Right Thing” and make a movie worth watching.  He should shut up and stuff his face with Big Macs, (looks like he has).   How about providing some housing assistance to “illegal immigrants” in one of the many houses that he owns., then talk to the rest of the nation about sanctuary cities and their welcoming status.

I guess they have never heard the old adage, “Unless you have something nice to say, don’t say it.”