Obamagate – Plausibility?

The bombshell that Trump dropped yesterday morning is stunning. While I am not surprised given the antics, shoot from the hip and Tasmanian Devil behavior of Trump, at any given time, I am not one to believe that he would actually fabricate such a story line. Might he embellish it, for headlines and press, yes in all likelihood he would.

However, the blow back of this revelation and the enormity of its disclosure, should it prove to be false would be catastrophic for this nation, most notably the Republican Party. The lack of respect world wide would send the US into a tailspin. (Can you say Banana Republic?)

Webster’s dictionary defines “plausible” as: having an appearance of truth or reason; seemingly worthy of approval or acceptance; credible; believable: Given this fact, and the past transgressions, lies and deceitful behavior of Obama and his administration, it is conceivable, plausible that he has acted in this manner. He lied to the nation (on a Super Bowl Sunday interview) about the IRS scandal and secretly targeting conservatives. Let us not forget Benghazi etc.,

It is being reported that Valerie Jarret, his “consigliere” has officially moved into his new home in DC, just 2 miles from the White House. I am not surprised. I use this term as point of reference, because he (Obama) operates much like a Mafia Don and has his entire political career.

The shockwaves that will be sent through this country and the world, should this allegation be true, will sink the Democratic Party— for good.

Let’s hope so.

While if true, Obama will never spend a day in prison, the mere fact that he and others colluded to undermine our Democracy, Trumps Presidency, all in the name of political gain would be astonishing.

The propensity and proliferation of specious behavior that Obama (appears) willingly and willfully to participate in, along with his corrupt cronies, appears to know – no bounds.