Another day of What’s next?

In January we had the “Women’s March” for whom and about what, no one really can say.  There were women dressed as vaginas, tampons etc. Does that mean they wanted to be one, a vagina, a pussy or a tampon?  Go figure.  If you ask me, most of them in the group would like to have had someone interested (in there vagina/pussy-maybe even there tampon), not me and apparently from the looks of the crowd – few if any, anywhere, would have been.  Ugh!  Call it a “hot mess”  but leave out the word hot–please.

Now we have another strike or March –  “A Day without Women.”  Really?  WTF?  Why don’t we have day without stupidity?  How about a day without Morons, or a Day without Men?  Although in todays world that may already be happening and we just do not know it –yet.  Sheesh!

When does this lunacy stop?  And where?  How many more dumb-ass women are going to stand up and finally realize that these marches/statements accomplish – Nothing!  The only thing they accomplish is to show those around you, that you are ignorant and obsessed with being a Trump hater, and “One of the Jones’.”  Let’s get on board the train of stupidity so I can say I belong.  What exactly do you now belong to?   Please share with us plebeians in society.  Show us how you are just so superior and more elitist then we are.

The hypocrisy behind all of this, is your elitist leaders (the most privileged women ever) who are urging you to March, demonstrate and get on-board with this program, are marrying and procreating with men of high caliber, so they can raise elitist children, they think are better then you.  You’re just to stupid to understand this concept.  Really you are.

You’re standing for something (?), accomplishing virtually nothing and being heard by almost no one.  Oh, you will have your 5 minutes of fame on the news, (more MSM hyperbole and hype) because they have nothing noteworthy to report, or better still create.  Do you feel good now?  Are you in your happy place?   Is your vagina pulsating with pleasurable little twitches of joy?  It is likely the only way it would ever have an opportunity to do so.

Good!  Now wake up!  Get Real!!  Real women are going to work, taking care of their families, children and not crying about it.  They are actively participating within their community.  They are proud to actively participate in all of those arenas and say, I did my part – today., and everyday.

Get over yourselves, please!  We have.