Political Theater- Again

Well, if you haven’t noticed by now, then in all likelihood your head is so far up your ass, or someone else’s, or buried n a hole searching for the “holy grail,” the democrats and MSM are on steroidal attack against Trump, his administration and conjured up and connected to it.

The Russian Conspiracy:  Jeff  Sessions testimony or lack, Trumps business involvement or lack of, Obama and his spying, or lack of., what’s next?

A point of fact or two and three, four five etc.  Shumer, Pelosi are so lathered up (more then a couple of Playboy Bunnies in a hot tub with James Caan), over Sessions not admitting to have met with the “very same Russian dignitary”, they themselves have met and conversed, yet they said nothing and oh by the way, forgot to mention it., Hahah!  Pardon moi’!  Acceptable behavior of course.

Let’s look back in time shall we.  In the 80’s John Galbraith of Harvard University and Lester Thurow of MIT were enthusiastically gleeful over Soviet prosperity just about the time Gorbachev was coming into power.  Senator Edward Kennedy had secret writings to Leonid Breshnev and Yuri Andropov aimed at “undermining” the Presidencies of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.  Nary a peep in the press.

How many other Democratic leaders have whined and moaned about this so called “indiscretion” of Sessions?  Yet then sitting President Barack Obama, was caught off mike stating he would have “more flexibility once the election” was over to Medvedev, in 2012.  How much press did that garner?

C’mon Man!  This nonsense has been going on for  many, many years.  Don’t let yourself get caught up in the barrage of theatrics that our elected officials are more interested in, rather then doing there jobs which is to govern.  They aren’t worth the press time, and you (we all) should just be better – period.

So should they.