America the Great – for all

If this nation truly wants to be “great again” as Trump campaigned, our greatness then depends on being Liberal, as well as Conservative, in order for our fellow citizens, immigrants and neighbors to enjoy.  This nation will need to have strong/secure borders, it will need to slow the immigration migration down, so that the estimated 95 million Americans (of work-force age), have a reasonable opportunity to find and secure meaningful work.  That we only admit foreigners (from all lands) who subscribe to this nations laws and wish to become American citizens. At the end of the day, no matter where one hails, “We the People” only have one rule of law., our Constitution, and that’s been our guiding principle of freedom, liberty and opportunity for nearly 245 years.  These principles are not inconsistent with liberal sovereignty, nor conservative values.  We have been built as a nation of immigrants, all living under the same rules, guided by the same values.

We live in a republic.  In order for this nation to be revitalized, mainly supported by middle-class people who multitude of values, religions and beliefs are woven with liberal ideas and conservative plans.

The essence of winning begins with a realistic assessment or appraisal of what is possible and what is not. And this is the greatest advantage over all other flawed ideologies and forms of governments.

America the Great must be a “one for all and all for one” concept, or surely we are doomed to suffer the demise of the many nations who have failed before us.