Dumb as an Eight ball, Sharp as a bowling bowl – NOT!

Well our fearless leadership in California has risen to the occasion, yet again.  Another fine example of Democratic liberal minds that are causing the demise and decay of society.  (There Utopian society in the making).  Much like many of the deteriorating cities under current Democratic rule, many of them are falling into the abyss of criminal chaos.,  New York, Chicago, Los Angeles just to name a few.  Statistical data supports this claim.  Crime levels are rising steadily in California and here is why.

Recently the Democratic Party in California donated over 2 million dollars to Prop.57, which reclassified many felonies as non-violent — such as rape of an unconscious person, use of a “date rape drug,” exploding of a destructive device with the intent to cause injury and assault with a deadly weapon.

Are these lame-brain idiot-logues for real?  To paraphrase John McEnroe, “You cannot be serious!”  What, where, and how the heck can they explain that any of the aforementioned crimes should be “reclassified” as non-violent, and thus not a felony?  WTF?  Are we living back in the stone ages or medieval times?

Purely by name association unto itself, these are violent crimes.  Rape is defined as a crime of violence.  Any individual who is willing to drug another, to have  sex with them, is a lunatic and should become  member of the eunuch club.  In fact, make these prick(less) people charter members.  This type of logic and governmental decision making is noteworthy.  This state is headed (in my opinion), towards becoming Venezuela, (Cali-zuela), a socialist state of disaster.  I guess trying to blow people up is a minor offense.  Know wonder Bill Ayers has never spent anytime behind bars for his actions and behavior.  The far-left consider it to be a misdemeanor.  And while we were at it, lets remove any consideration of usage with a deadly weapon.  I can’t wait to hear what and how they define “deadly weapon.”  With this type of logic, my penis could be construed as a deadly weapon.

Of course, the knuckleheads in this state who voted for this proposition are equally as stupid.  Does anyone read anything anymore?  Did anyone actual read this proposal?  Apparently not.  Even the comics would be an improvement.  The mental capacity of the masses currently residing in California are not much sharper then that of a bowling ball, proof positive.

Time to wonder what is next?  I can hardly wait.  Actually, I would rather not.