Transanity is now the New Insanity

I read an article by Michael Brown, Menstruating Men and the Latest Examples of Transanity, this morning and almost lost my mind.  You can find it on  I really enjoy his writings and have for a while.  This one in particular, clearly demonstrates, (or should I say menstruates) how far society is going off the rails.

He writes about 5 examples of how transgender is adversely affecting our society and teaching as if it were the “new norm.” Please note; The adversely affecting and the new norm are purely my own perspective.

A creator/writer of a children’s coloring  book, writes “Toni the Tampon” to instruct children how men – can menstruate.  This is one bloody misconstrued message for sure.  Is this person Phucking nuts?  While I firmly believe in the 1st Amendment,  this is really heinous and dangerous information to expose children to.  There is not a chance on Gods green planet that this is even possible, or plausible.  What is this man, or is it a women, or some unknown species thinking?

The whole idea that is called a “menstrual period” is slightly alarming in the first place.  Leave us men out of it.  It is a women only item and we are happy to let them own it–all of it.

Question:  If there is a delay or pause, in this wonderful bodily function of fluidity, why did they not called it a comma, or semicolon?  Just asking.

The LBGTQ Nation (LMNOP is next), comes out and says a father and daughter both come out as transgender., and wish to transition together.  Ok, stop!  I am confused.  WTF are they, or do they want to be?  Which way is up, or is it down-perhaps in or out?  Who knows anymore.  This is good, right? Or is it left?  And what’s left now?  What are we discussing?  I think I need therapy to figure this out, but certainly not nearly as much as they do.  Next.  Another bloody mess.

In Texas we have a Transgender Pastor–  okay I am done.  While I am not an overly religious person,  this has now gone over the edge and into the abyss of despair and desperation.  I know God accepts us all, for who we are, but are YOU going to listen to the words of God from this man/woman – he/she or should I say Ze (politically correct).  And is this transgender pastor now a woman or wishes to be.  I am having Nun if this.  I am finding a new church-moving on.   We are starting to hemorrhage here.

Now we have the Univ. of Minnesota no longer referring to homecoming titles as King and Queen, but as “The Royals.”  They are even going as far to say that either biological sex can represent the Royals in their respective titles?  How do they know who is who or what is what and which is holding which title, if they do not know which is which, or who is which, to start with?  Once again, “Who’s on First, What’s on second, I don’t know –Third base.”  Perhaps we need a witch to figure this shit out.  They have Al Franken, as a Senator, enough said.  The “gophers” should go underground and rethink their position.  We are now gushing like the Nile river.

Finally, the Creme de menthe. A pair a gays, (thats 2) who can’t figure out they are gay, transition into becoming a pair of women (also 2) – so they can become lesbian lovers.  We now have 2 pairs, which are definitely a full house — of Nuts!  (actually the nuts are no longer), because they enjoy being with women.  I need a stiff drink!  Talk about switching sides, flipping your lid and turning the other cheek, (all of them).

The bible says, that God wishes for us to be “fruitful and multiply,” Oy Vay!  One out of two isn’t bad.  Thankfully, these two looney-tunes can’t multiply any longer.  Oh GOD — we are saved!  In his infinite wisdom mankind is now safer.  See Father Know’s Best.  (That’s a TV reference for some who get it)

These looney tunes need help and I do not believe at this stage that even God can provide it.  I guess only God knows what stage is next for them, Hollywood would work, I sure as hell don’t know.

We have now filled the reservoir of Lake Cucca Pee-Pee.  This is a lot of shit to take it in – in one sitting.  I am going to the gym to run away from these problems.  I am likely to be in the Wacky Races, out front leading the way.  Ciao’!