Single Payer Health-care

Garbage in — garbage out.  The single payer systems currently in force in some nations are providing garbage care. When sick patients are waiting 4-6 months to see a specialist after having already been referred by their PCP, (primary care physician) one would think the system in on PCP.  4-6 months wait time?  Really?  You’re more likely to die before you get any medical care.  Apparently that is acceptable–a cost savings.  Wouldn’t having a medical savings account that the patient can utilize for his/her specific needs, at there behest, be money well spent/saved?

Britain’s Daily Mail: “Another NHS horror story from Wales: Dying elderly cancer patient left ‘screaming in pain’ … for nine hours.”

Britain’s official goal is to treat people four months after diagnosis. Four months!  That’s only the “goal.” They don’t even meet that standard.  Deplorable!  Sickening actually.  One has to ask, which is sicker the dying patient or the system that he is in seeking medical care?

Try implanting this nonsense in a nation of 300 Million plus people, with the diversity of ethnicity which this country has, see an explosion of medical costs, poor performance and the pending imploding of the industry in its entirety.  Isn’t this exactly what is transpiring today?  If our elected officials cannot see the writing on the wall, of the imminent danger and catastrophic mess in front of them, the I ask what are they looking at or in what language are they reading the scripture?  Get your vision checked or learn to read.  Then again, they are especially good at not reading bills, etc., now aren’t they?