Samantha Bee-World Leader?

Samantha Bee – World Leader–Now that is funny!  Sort of like having Al Sharpton as a a speech therapist.  Fortune Magazine announces that Samantha Bee is one of the worlds great leaders. Are they for real? What metric are they utilizing to draw this conclusion?  If it’s humor,  they have failed as a reporting magazine-immensely.

First:  she needs to be funny–she is not.

Second, where is all the intel that she arrives at, to supply all of her political, financial and worldly advice come from?   Mad magazine or conversations with the Beyonce’ and the Kardashians.  That should be so enlightening.  I can see she is so in tune with the worlds events, she likely would hire Michael Moore as a dietician.

Third:  Fortune magazine should stop writing articles of such flavorful nonsense and stick to business, financial reporting and world news.   Unless of course they are trying to be “funny,” and then I would suggest they have taken their cue from Samantha Bee.  See #1 – for vast improvement is needed.