Waging War on Middle America

Simple Tax reform, tax cuts and wage growth are all things needed for the middle american wage earner to flourish.  Some of the best research on this subject has been done by Kevin Hassett of the American Enterprise Institute, as well having been supported by a number of papers written in recent years.   Hassett is slated to be chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisors,  yet this is being held up (stalled) by the Democrats, for political reasons.  (No surprise there)  This man, his knowledge, experience and guidance will help to shape and grow this country productively, unlike the laissez-faire results (at best) under Obama.   Business tax cuts are a middle-class tax cut, period.  

The Democrats are waging war on middle America, with there tax and spend M.O., yet this type of program has never proven to be successful–ever!  Go Figure.

More delusions of grandeur from Liberal Looney-Tunes who have never actually held a “real job.”  I find it wonderfully hilarious and tragic, that only 8% of Obama administration actually EVER held a real job., Other then being a community organizer, or politician, intern etc.,  Only 8%.  That his the lowest in history, by leaps and bounds.  Yet they were setting policy on what is best for America.,  Laughable.

Obama’s Legacy = Trump!