Global Warming-hahaha!

New Euro-studies Confirm Sun Dominates Earth’s Climate

Last year, the world’s top particle physics research facility, CERN, turned the global warming debate upside down. CERN found, in the first-ever laboratory analysis of cloud chemistry, that solar variations not CO2 molecules—were the biggest factor in the earth’s recent warmings!

Global Warming— CO2 nonsense— rebuked, by the very scientists – that Obama and the the Far-Left Looney Tunes have been sourcing as “the experts” for Global warming.  The Paris Climate agreement is now – debunked and proven to be garbage. (Hahahahaha) Likely costing the world 100 Trillion dollars in economic malaise.
CERN’s — CLOUD experiment findings are now being used to model predictions for the next 100 years—and the model shows a solar sunspot minimum will soon lower earth’s temperatures by half a degree C. The long cold minimum is expected to hit about 2040, and such minimums have historically lasted about 60 years. Equally important, the solar minimum will come on the heels of the current 20-year “hiatus” in earth’s warming, which has defied the climate modelers.

Together, the two events could mean no trend increase in earth’s thermometer readings from 1998 until after 2100! That’s a century of non-warming, and neither occurrence is connected to CO2 changes. This finding demotes CO2 to a supporting role, contributing no more than one degree C warming for a redoubling of atmospheric CO2.
The new modeling was done by four European institutes, all previously strong supporters of the CO2/greenhouse-gas theory:  The Physical Meteorological Observatory Davos (PMOD), the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG), ETH Zurich and the University of Bern.

How ironic, if the CO2 levels are of such great concern to “global Warming” – than perhaps we should stop breathing.  Guaranteed, with 7.5 billion inhabitants on the planet, that every breath we take, every exhale we make, (sound like Sting tune here) is enhancing global warming far greater than businesses.
Why doesn’t the government regulate our breathes per day?   My, how the tables have turned.
SHIT!  Shut up you idiot!! Don’t give them any good ideas. That certainly would be on all the California residents – no doubt.
The real cause of Global Warming is all of the Hot Air the Lefties speak about this subject.