Northwestern, Virginia, Rolling Stone

Northwestern, Virginia, Rolling Stone all now have the enviable title of “fake rape” stories that have victimized innocence in the name of publicity and or stupidity.

When an outstanding academic institution like Northwestern University rushes to judgment about the “alleged” rape, assault of four female students who had attended a fraternity gathering, smearing the fraternity with hype and hyperbole over these accusations, what does that say about due process in our educational system.  So much for the rule of law, innocent until proven guilty.

Ironically, this school with one of the finest Schools of  Journalism (Medill) in the nation, and they can’t even practice what they preach (teach).  There officials, instead propagate, hype, sensationalize and convict without even a fair investigation into the alleged crime.  What was the basis for this accusation?  (The investigation yielded zero accountability and or crime committed).

What is happening to our academies in this country?  Tragic!  This better suited for a Hollywood, MOW (movie of the week) script.  Perhaps Julia-Louise Dreyfus can lend a hand here.  Apparently her son plays basketball for the school.  I have friends and family that have graduated from Northwestern and I am supremely confident they are/would be embarrassed by the administrations actions.

One of there every own professors, Laura Kipnis, who wrote the book, “Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus,” which cautions against any premature witch hunts such as this, would likely be appalled.  Ms. Kipnis herself was the target of a social (in)justice mob inquisition after penning an essay specifically on this subject matter.  Her essay speaks directly to the Title IX litigation (which appears to have run amok) in this nations schools, student snowflakes perpetually acting like infants and sexual behavior codes that are have become oppressive, to say the least.

Where and when did we lose our moral compass in this nation?  I use moral here, because while any assault on any woman is heinous, we are not adhering to any standard of decency, code of conduct or ascribing to fairness, which our rule of law provides for us to do.  To be so flagrantly irresponsible in our behavior as the administration appears to have been in this instance, screams of unfairness and recklessness.

The question I must ask., Why?  What does the school gain?  There reputation is now tarnished and they will be labeled and branded along with the likes of Virginia, Rolling Stone magazine, (I am certain others) as well, as fraudulent.  This is publicity no one wants, needs or desires.  They have stained the student body, the fraternity and the publics perception.  Like “ring around the collar,” will the stain ever come clean?