Truth or Consequences?

Well Susan Rice has done it again.  She has blatantly lied to the American people on national television.  What is wrong with this women?  Is she delusional, just plainly stupid or is this part of some other master planned coup orchestrated by others, with much more intel then she possesses?

Why would she willful and willingly lie so boldly again as she did regarding the Benghazi attack, labeling it a “propaganda video” as the cause of the attack?  It makes zero sense to me, and many others I would suspect.  She is highly intelligent, having graduated from Stanford University on scholarship, then being awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to New College, Oxford.  Their has to be something far greater going on here, then meets the eye, or smell test.

Lying to the nation in such an egregious manner, again., will have consequences.  It must, especially about something so important to our nation ways of life, national security and the beliefs we hold to be so valuable and endearing under our rule of law., The Constitution.

Who is she protecting?  Who ordered the unmasking of people names? And for what purpose?  Was there there a national security concern or is this merely for political gain or espionage?

Time will tell.

Susan Rice may very well turn out to be, Mahatma, Uncle Ben’s or Brown Rice – cooked.