Assad – Syria(us) Thought here – seriously

The talk of economic sanctions is always the talk of the town, DC that is.

For countries like Syria, economic sanctions will do little as they are financed by the likes of Iran and Russia.  I think we would be better served to bomb/blow-up and destroy there (Syria’s) airplane arsenal, that allows them to fly over towns and release the Sarin gas catastrophe.

This not going to war, we are not hurting innocent civilians, we are protecting peoples rights and liberties in likely the most humane manner possible and preventing this type of weaponized armageddon from happening again.

I also believe “we” as a nation must implore that other free nations, (our allies) Britain, France, Germany etc., enjoin in this specific type of raid— to show the world “We the People” of the world are united in this front, in a cohesive and collective manner— willing to stand up for humanity and rid the world of such atrocious behavior, by a ruthless dictator, like Bashar Assad.

There is power in numbers and that sends a message to the world – that we The United States are leaders, not followers.

Remember, when this nation leads, the world has always been a safer place for all.