Academia of today – Bursting with fraudulent ideology

Week in and week out we see and here of abusive behavior and there participants on college campuses nationwide, in many cases fueled by the administrations inability to offer a safe space for all.  The ability to speak freely, have thought provoking conversation and insightful debate are squelched by university ideology.  If one has any thought other than that of a liberal mindset, they are incessantly attacked.  See numerous examples at Berkeley, Duquesne, Indiana etc., just to name a few.

Where higher education is thought to be a place of differing opinions, thoughtful debate and bursting with ideas to invigorate young peoples minds, it has become not much more then a pustule of puss that festers  with stagnant thought.  When it bursts, it oozes the venomous nature of hatred towards a differing opinion.  Sadly, this is where we are and who we have become in academia today.  A bitter pill and bill that the tax payers (parents and students) paying.  It’s no wonder the Socialist provocateurs espouse to make college free.

This will insure they have many more legions of ardent followers to march in lock step with there flawed beliefs and utopian society that they can control.  Suppressing the thought of the young minds, they wish to control, will insure the likelihood that there utopian vision comes to fruition.