Dumb and Dumber

Well, our supremely brilliant public figure(s) have done it again.  Sean Spicer makes his idiotic comment on Hitlers Non-usage of gassing his people, while referencing the sarin gas tragedy recently performed by Bashir Assad in Syria.  Hmmm…… come to think of it– Chris Mathews said the exact same thing 4 years ago- when the very same thing happened then, also in Syria.

MR. SPICER:  I think a couple things. You look — we didn’t use chemical weapons in World War II. You had someone as despicable as Hitler who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  We didn’t use them in World War II, Hitler didn’t use them, we don’t use chemical weapons, that’s no deal.

Notice anything similar?  Hmmm……. No one is impervious to saying stupid stuff…..but the “LEFT”  needs to get on with there lives– should they actually have one.

Dumb and Dumber– we are all guilty– get over it and move on.