3 to 100 million.

Within in the last 100 years, three have led to the deaths of 100 million., Mao, Stalin and Hitler.  Think about that for just a moment.  These three men coerced, brainwashed and convinced the slaughter of many, many millions, all in the name of there ideology and in support of there utopian society.

Today we are faced with a looney-tune, chubby, Shemp-like Stooge in N. Korea., who has the capability to commit the same type of  atrocity.  What does he have to lose?  He loses nothing.  He will go down in battle and as a martyr to his nations history.  One who will be revered by its followers and disciples as a hero., unless the nation and its people change course, much like Germany has.  Hitler for the most part is a forgotten man.

President Trump has been provided the unenviable task of finding a solution to manage this mans behavior and keep him in check.  Time will tell if he (Trump) really has the “Art of the Deal” negotiating skills.  In fairness to him and his administration, this man (Kim Jong Un) is not playing with a full deck, thus making the reality of negotiating anything extremely more difficult.  We can thank former President Bill Clinton for his artful skills and generosity for allowing this screwball the chance to enhance and produce nuclear weapons in the first place.  Now, Obama has left very much the same type of deal on the desk of Trump as well, for him to reconsider and or repeal altogether with the Iranians.  (it’s an agreement- not a treaty) so it does not have any real weight to its writing.  Does anyone think it will be 20+ years before they Iran actually achieves nuclear arsenal weaponry?  Nope.

The magnitude of the atrocity that these two nations are on the precipice of having the ability to commit is staggering.  We have always been told to leave the world a better place for your children then the one we had the opportunity to love and live in.  It’s current status is in a far greater precarious position and I fear it will absolutely not be a better place.  It’s demise is in real and present jeopardy.

Our leaders need to lead.  They have not done so for many years.

Hopefully, the mindset of “Make America Great Again,” will begin to show the world, that when America leads, the world is a better place for all.

Now the hard part, to convince the leaders of this nation, the media and the many who have there heads underground, or stuffed somewhere else, that this is the best way for all concerned.

Time will tell.