Muddy Waters

Sadly I am not speaking of the legendary great blues musician, but Maxine Waters, LA Congresswoman.

She has the dubious honor of being voted the most corrupt politician in Congress in 2005, 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2017., this by the left-wing Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.  That should tell you plenty when you have the likes of Charles Rangel, Elijah Cummings etc, to contend with.

She lives in a predominately “white” neighborhood of Hancock Park, in Los Angeles., (average home value in the multiply millions) — not even in the district she represents.  This women and her corrupt ways have likely done more damage to So. Central, LA district as there representative, then she has provided benefits.

I would ask anyone of the Crips, the Bloods and tax paying citizen within her district, if they are better off today then they were 10-20 years ago.  I can provide you the honest answer.

No doubt, she cannot and will not.   Dissuade and Deflect, the Democratic way.

She should be impeached and/or just shut up.