Vanity Un-Fair

Vanity Fair: Just Stop Trying To Make Chelsea Clinton Happen Because It Could Be A Disaster– this headline in there magazine- pretty much says it all.

So let me understand this correctly.  I am to believe that Chelsea Clinton is not being crowned -coronated as the new “air-apparent” for the Democratic Party in 2020 or 2024.  Really?  Lets start with her accomplishments. NONE!  Just like mom, and how did that work out?  Hahahaha!

Also, the magazine that branded Bruce Jenner on the cover, as the new women of the millennium.

Hilarious to me– you see, first they took a man, who claims to be a woman, (if you have not had a period, you’re not a woman–period!) – now they are going to reverse course and claim that this woman is the best man for the job.  They have got balls–likely Bruce’s., because he doesn’t–anymore.

Perhaps Hasbro can create a new game, find Bruce’s balls– you know like “Finding Waldo”

Is it politically incorrect to suggest that Bruce Jenner is nuts, when he has none?  Just asking.