The Dating Game

Broose or Katelinn
It has occurred to me that the more attention brought to the “transgender” nonsense, the more appropriate it appears that we should have a TV show celebrating its public awareness. So I have decided to create one: Broose or Katelinn?
Perhaps we could call it Switch, or maybe Pitch and Catch? The list of possibilities seems endless. Butt which end do we start with (in)? Which end is up? Who knows anymore. And that’s just the beginning and the beauty of it all. With limitless opportunities to create product, I say, we just dive in and start right in the middle. Let’s face it, that’s where want to end up anyway.
This new show will be a updated version of the “Dating Game.”

The contestants will be transgendered or not, the interviewer will be transgendered or not and neither will really know what they get. Heck, it’s only fair! Us straight-heterosexuals don’t know what we’re getting anymore— why should they? Harvard University says it acceptable to decide to chose gender daily, so it must be appropriate. Sure gives new meaning to the phrase ”turnaround is fair play,” (a new T-shirt is born) – now doesn’t it.
Of course, the really important part will be the questioning.  Should there be limits as to what direction or how far the questions can go?  I say not a chance.  All is fair in lust and battle. We’re not in the love and war stages just yet.
What kind of travel trip or destination do we send the winners on/to? And we need a host/hostess on the exotic destination. Perhaps we can get Rosie O’Donnell? (personally I am getting nauseous). She will be a modern day version of Ricardo Montalban, as Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island. She’s perfect! She’s as manly as any female I know of and she’s not a tranny, (that we know of). What or who could be better? I’ll get Vern Troyer (Mini-me) to be todays version of “Tattoo.” He likes to get a little sordid and dirty.
Now to choose this exotic location. Hmmmm…..??? I GOT IT! Orgy Island!! Woohoo! You know — Bubba Bills favorite stomping ground.  I can see the seminal vesicle and floating semen in the hot tubs awaiting our guests. They’ll eat it up! (Hahah)
I bet for a few dollars donation (to CGI) we can “Bubba” Bill to make a guest appearance.  That should send Hillary through the ceiling in her mansion in DC.

Of course, upon arrival the winners will receive a complimentary cocktail (what else-no pun) with a bouquet of chrysanthemums and jar of cinnamon/sugar flavored jiffy lube.  We want them to feel at home, right away.  Let us not forget the pink pussy-hat to wear and a big purple dildo to hold as there crown/staff – shaft for being “the chosen” winner.
I think the drink of choice will likely be a Fireball Whiskey for the manly winners and a Pink Lady for the feminine ones., — although this statement seems redundant.  But telling the difference will certainly be the interesting part.

Now the 69 thousand dollar question. Who is the Host/Hostess of the show?  Rip Taylor’s dead, as is Liberace—Darn!  Marie Grosholtz aka Madam Tussaud.  No, she’s really dead! Hahaha!!

Tila Tequila? — she’s hot!  And she is a tranny loving looney-tune.  Someone more mainstream perhaps. How about Anderson Cooper or Don Lemon from CNN.  We would certainly get the demographics of diversity and inclusion with those choices. The Democrats will be thrilled. (TBD)
Now for the theme song. Every show must have a theme song.  Naturally, one would gravitate to the band “Queen” for a tune.  A solid choice for sure, but I prefer Led Zeppelin, “In thru the Out Door.” BAM! There it is.

The sequel or spinoff will be “The Granny Tranny” and I’ll offer up the lead role of Hostess to Nancy Pelosi. Let’s not get ahead of myself, because I am not certain where that will end up.