Chicago the Windy City

Well, Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama would be so proud.  There beloved city of Chicago has had a decrease in shootings this year, (only 1500 to date – so far) and the murder rate is down as well.   I guess there enhanced policies are finally taking hold.  Yippee!  They only had 53 shootings over the Memorial Day weekend, with 8 murders — woohoo!   Strike up the band and dancers. No doubt, they would provide pole dancers.

I guess all of the guns that the black community are purchasing legally, (ask Rev. Al Sharpton) about that, is do to the Trump syndrome.  He is the root cause of all the shootings within black communities.  If that were true, what about the historic numbers over the past 8 years under Obama’s Presidency.  Surely he doesn’t think we could blame Trump for that, now does he?  He probably does, he’s a moron.

If there is one city that has blown more hot air over its crime stats and degenerative outlook for the taxpayers living within in boundaries, Chicago is it.  Although, I would rate Baltimore right up there as well.