What door do “Trannies” enter when they get to Heaven?

Our nation is a buzz with hype and hyperbole on the issue of transgender.  It seems to be pervasive in many areas; the bathroom issue, who’s in-who’s out., what and where can they go in colleges/universities – safe spaces to feel all inclusive, etc.  Nonsense.

I say, Horse-hockey!  (a Colonel Potter favorite – of the 1970’s M.A.S.H. – TV series).  I want to know what door do Trannies enter when they get to Heaven?  Or do I really want to know. Do you?

This is perfectly suited for a spoof and resurgence of the early 80’s movie, Pennies From Heaven, starring Steve Martin.  I think we should ask him to reprise his role. (Saturday Night Live style)  We shall fast forward it to the mainstream and have him sing and dance, “Trannies to Heaven.”  Perhaps we can get and assist from Weird Al Yankovich on the lyrical side of things.  (we could resurrect his career as well).

He has a long history of video spoofs, with great success I may add.  Seeing as the original movie was not a box office hit, (it flopped), I am supremely confident that Steve Martin can redeem himself.  Not that the needs to – he is supremely talented as the movie clearly demonstrated.

Since Fred Astaire poo-poo’ed the original movie – “I have never spent two more miserable hours in my life. Every scene was cheap and vulgar. They don’t realize that the ’30s were a very innocent age, and that [the film] should have been set in the ’80s – it was just froth; it makes you cry it’s so distasteful.” maybe we could enlist his grandchildren and or remaining family to critique the spoof?  We’ll bring it full circle.

Look at the songs they can sing, “Let’s Misbehave”, “Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries”, “Let’s Face the Music and Dance”, and the title song.  This could be huge.

Let’s be real.  Trannies love to “misbehave,” I mean really–they have now transformed themselves completely.  Guaranteed no cherries are left in that crowd.  And for Facing the Music, they couldn’t hack it as one gender so they decided to switch sides.  Talk about playing favorites or rolling over.

This unquestionably completes the circle of life, in some sort of grotesque way.  Food for thought.  :-)