The GOPee

The people of this nation have spoken.  We eliminated the Liberal Loons from all major offices.  Whether one thinks that is good or not, deplorable, irredeemable, fascist etc., is irrelevant.  The MSM will continue to march and parade all of there own idealogical concepts and agendas, in an attempt to take down the current President.  Who cares, let them.  They currently wield no power.

This is what is so perplexing.  The GOP can pretty much do as they please.  (Nuclear option–thanks Harry Reid)  If they are so intent on righting the ship that the Left has gutted and disastrously maintained.,  why don’t they?  Cowards!!  Plain and simple.

The Liberal Left is going bonkers (it is so much fun to watch) as Trump pulled out of the Paris climate agreement.  Without getting into all the specifics of how bad and poorly written an agreement, useless and “toothless” (Democrats) used this word to NOT vote in support of it when Obungo was in office, then why hasn’t the GOP stood up like a men and voiced this in a vociferous manner?  You think they would be all over this like white on rice or flies to s–t!.

Personally, I would take the votes and comments of every Democrat who was not in favor of the agreement, and plaster there names all over the news.  Let the MSM defend there statements.  Let them defend there statements.  Put them in the hot seat – throw them under the bus and then run there Lilli-Limp-dicks over!  They deserve no better.

As the mid-term elections are upcoming and pending, let these elections have consequences (as Obama has stated),  then provide the american people the vehicle to demonstrate just how corrupt, deceitful and hypocritical the Democrats are.

Until that time, when the GOPee stands up with a real manly backbone, “We the People” will continue to get pee’d upon and prayed upon.  Talk about a transformation that is needed.  The Democrats are all about transgender, yet the GOPee needs to transition in to “real men,” not the transgender snowflakes they have become.

Wussies without pussies.