Matters, Words, Actions, Behavior, Lives – Matter.

James Comey’s testimony is over and the Democratic Party once again look like the “Fool(s) on the Hill” -thank you Beatles, that they are.  A real “nothing burger”- thank you Hillary.  🙂

I hope all of the Democratic pundits are enjoying a healthy, heaping mouthful of crow.  There is nothing more to see here, so let’s please move along.

This, the summation by prominent attorney Alan Dershowitz.  As he has stated for several weeks,  Trump did nothing illegal and or improper is intimating to Comey to cease the investigation of General Flynn.  There is and has been on many occasions (precedent) where previous Presidents have asked/ordered to stop investigations.  Whoopie!, not as in Goldberg.  I can’t wait to hear what this lame brain has to say now, along with rest her co-stars on “The View.”  Oh-boy!  No doubt these Dem’s will find another way to spin all of this non-sense.

Clint Eastwood, quite a while ago called Obama, a fraud. He was absolutely correct.  Comey’s testimony clearly demonstrated just how deceitful and dishonest the Obama administration behaved.  When Loretta Lynch(mob) tells Comey to use the word, “matter” in regards to Hillary’s email scandal, instead of investigation – well words matter.  This implies an entirely different tone and structure to the importance, “of the matter.”  Deceitful!  Dishonest!  Fraudulent!

Eric (With)Holder is just as complicit and untrustworthy an actor, as his behavior in the “Fast and Furious” scandal has been every bit as dishonest, deceitful and untrustworthy.  The most recent reporting from the Congressional Oversight Committee (on this matter) has verified as such.  The committee has concluded that Holder intentional with-held information to the family of slain Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.  Shameful behavior, that matters.

Perhaps, we should use the Clint Eastwood western, “Hang em High” in referencing these bad actors and there duplicitous behavior in circumventing the truth, that matters.

Of course, the Far-Left Liberals and MSM media will undoubtedly be SCREAMING racist!  Let them.

When the powers to be, circumvent the rule of law, in a circuitous manner as these people have done, they deserve no better fate.  Guilty!  There actions matter more then the words I have written or that will be spoken about this “matter.”  That’s just a Matter of Fact.