More Gun free Zones – please.

This horrific shooting event that has hospitalized Congressman Scales, in critical condition, is just sick.

Washington DC is a “gun-free zone.  Is this the reason that this lunatic committed this heinous act of violence., no it is not.  Would he likely have committed it even if it were not a gun-free zone., yes, I believe so.

I await the Democratic Party to start the conversation yet again, no guns-period.  Assault on the 2nd Amendment, etc.  Here is my response for the GOP.

The GOP should publicly admit that new gun laws “need” to be enacted asap — watch the Democratic Party cheer in joy and say it’s about time — then write the bill that says “liberals are not permitted to own guns”– if you voted Democratic in the last election or the one before that, we’re taking your guns away!– lmao. ?  The GOP argument — no conservative, tax paying, legal citizens are responsible for these violent actions – only liberals, lunatics gang members and illegals — sit back and watch the fun.

Can you imagine the perverse coverage the MSM would provide on this one?  It would be off the charts.

I am not here to diminish the severity of this tragic event – not in a month of Sundays.  My thoughts and prayers are with the Congressman and his family, as well as all those involved in the incident.

The absurdity of the press and the Democratic party, how they frame (news) and events will be interesting.  As of this writing – not so much as a peep from the MSM or the Democrats.  Shocking!  Guaranteed, if this were a Democratic Party member (elite), the vitriol and verbiage (more alike a barrage) of verbiage would be sky high.