Who’s on First? West-world meets Western world.

The transgender insanity -“trans-sanity” that has hit the airwaves these days, is well insane.  The very thought of man/woman arbitrarily transforming themselves to be the other, for whatever reason they construct in their pointy little heads, is just un-natural.  It is dangerous.  I am not saying they should not do this if they wish, (if this provides them happiness), I am saying these individuals have serious mental issues and need therapy., badly.  Science will back me up on this statement.

How dangerous is this?  In England, they are now on a movement that the taxpayers should pay for and fund “womb trans-plant” surgery., for transgender women. (men who now identify or wish to as women).  You read that correctly.

The thought, that these trans-gendered women can experience the “right” of procreation that belongs to all females.  This is not some fringe thing we’re talking about here.  This is actually being proposed by some experienced medical professionals in the NHS.  The government-funded NHS.

This mindset impinges on the very bedrock of mankind.  What happens to the “feminist” movement?  If anyone can now have the right to bear child, on a whim, so much for feminism.  This is nothing no more than a social construct devised by government intervention.  It now becomes a societal social experiment and we the people are its guinea pigs.  The oppressed gender no longer exists.

This is a mad doctor syndrome in the hands of government.

Is this in Gods plan?  I think not.  Is this a natural selection of society?  I think not.  Is this healthy?  I think not.  I do think, that should this type of change, no pun intended – be permitted., you are creating a society of eunuchs.  There is no womb for this type of nonsense.

West-world meets Western world.