De Bozio or De Blasio, by any name — does it really matter?

New York Mayor, Bill DeBlasio, aptly referred to as DeBozio for his stance and behaviors has done it again.

While one of NYC finest,  a police woman is assassinated in her car, this Bozo flies off to Germany to enjoy and participate in protesting/riots of Trump at the G-20 summit it Germany.  He should have been at the graduation ceremony of 500 new cadets, who have willfully signed on to man-up and protect the people of NYC.

Is this man for real?  He should take a page out of the TV show “Blue Bloods,” and be more like Tom Selleck, who plays the Commissioner and be a active voice in supporting the police within his city.  This man is a clown!

The NYPD union claimed he put the interests of protesters above those of the police.  Are they wrong?

Born Warren Wilhelm Jr., perhaps this man is a Nazi swine in disquise?  I would not be surprised.  Look at this actions that have been anti-police and pro antagonist behavior since his election victory.

The demise of New York City is growing rapidly under his guidance and leadership, or lack of.  See the results within NYC for yourself.

Another Liberal Looney-Tune who is off the mark — by leaps and bounds and there city is swirling down the drain and into the abyss, with disastrous results to follow.