GOP – Grand Ol’ Party — maybe not.

The GOP has been harping for many years about the failure of Obamacare and its exorbitant cost to this country. Well, now they have a chance to change it and fix this mess.  And what do they do — almost nothing.

They asked for the people’s vote, to be there voice – we gave it to them.  The House, The Senate and the Oval office, yet they still vacillate, moan and a complain about the healthcare law. — Doing nothing!

Remember the words of Barack Obama you fools,  elections have consequences.  (2018 is just around the corner.)

The GOP today, is more like Girls on Parade.  They’re a facade, charlatans, hucksters of the political class.  They have transgendered into the political pussies they claimed Obama and his administration to be.

Go figure.  So disappointing.

Repeal – Repeal – Repeal was/is the word of choice for years and we still have zero!  At this point– let the worst piece of legislation ever written and signed into law, die on the vine, like the rotten fruit it is.  Move on to something more interesting and better served for the American people, taxes, jobs and infrastructure.

In 2018, the law will have imploded beyond repair and the Democrats own it!  Stop being Pussies and wavering on this nonsense.  There is new compelling information that shows Montana will now increase health insurance coverage costs 23% in 2018 (another one bites the dust) and an estimated 2 million people will lose there current coverage due to Obungo-care.  Let them!!

For once, I wish to see you as firm, resolute, strong in your convictions instead of the soft, gelatinous pile of goo that you currently are.  Get a spine and STOP being squids!  For GODS sake – the people have given you everything you asked for–NOW Represent!

Think of “We the People,” as you are supposed to — rather then., Me, Myself and I — what’s in it for me.