Drip, Drip, Drip.

Well, now all of a sudden the Trump-ster is dripping like an infected “gonorrhea” patient, just disgusting.  Couldn’t this man-“The President” have handled this better?  With the venomous narrative the MSM speaks of him and his character, (in there minds – lack of), one would think Trumps people would have handled this new Russian controversy better.  If he would have come out clean from the start and said, Yes, I had meetings, this is what we discussed, and that is all — the MSM , the vitriol and the expectations would have blown over in a  nano-second.  After just one day–it becomes yesterdays news.

But, Nooooooooo!!  He couldn’t be smart enough.  At this point, this is not about politics, it is about intelligence and applied common sense.  Not much has been utilized up to this point.  The optics of the situation now make him look just as his predecessor, Barack Obama, a liar and disingenuous.

So sad.  The GOP is heading in the wrong direction, in my opinion. 2018 looms in the very near future and the direction this nations moves, is in a perilous state as of today.  Should the GOP lose the mid-terms (and that is likely) at this point in the conversation, they can blame only themselves.