Princess in the Air

Fly the Friendly Skies – Oops,  wrong airlines.  Apparently, this is what Ann Coulter is thinking now.  How could I have chosen Delta?  Hmmm..,  makes me wonder what really happened and what really was said.

So what the airlines asked you to change your seat– whoopie! (not Goldberg).  Is this what being a princess is all about.  I like Ann Coulter, I really do. But I cannot side with her on this one.  Her actions, (based on what has been reported) are infantile, period.  For one who is often in the spotlight snd has harsh words for others whose behaviors are deserving of such verbiage, it seems to me this should have been/handled this much better than she did.  Talk about a cracked lens of optics and a sense of special entitlement.  I just do not understand the behavior of some individuals.

Much ado about nothing here, one might a “nothing burger.”