Highway to Hell

If Governor Moonbeam (Jerry) Brown of California, spent the taxpayers money on roads and highways, rather than on his silly train from Nowhere to Nowhere — this state would be miles ahead, instead of leading from behind (sound familiar) — while “We the People” take it —  in the behind.

The definition of cost analysis — if the spending of money on a given project provides benefits that are far greater then the monies spent, it is well advised — but when the benefits do not out way the spending it is the Democrats way., useless and wasteful.

See Germany for a current example of wasteful spending.  There solar power is so costly that it only generates 2-3% of the annual power output, yet absorbs 23% of the monies spent on power.  That is shameful.  By the way, Germany has the highest cost of energy per kwh., by leaps and bounds in all of Europe.  In many cases, 5X more then there neighboring countries.

While Germany may be the greatest example of solar and wind power worldwide in use, is it best to do this at the expense of your countrymen?  I say not today.