The 2 million Dollar Poop!

Have you heard?  New York City spent $2 million dollars on a bathroom?  A city use bathroom in a park.  You read that correctly.  Abusive, wasteful and irresponsible use of tax payer money at it’s finest.  Have you ever wondered why “big government” – is wasteful government?

Do you think the private sector could have done better, for less?  Not so sure about if the tax-payer can get crapped on anymore then this one., seriously.

Please do not think this is only in America.  In Toronto, Canada., there local government estimated that a tiny (new) staircase for a park would cost $65,000-$150,000.

So a local citizen installed a staircase himself.  The cost? A whopping — $550.  BTW– can you guess what Toronto government is doing?  They will be tearing down the staircase and building there’s as planned.

Bureaucrats at its finest.  Talk about costly S–t!  Now if they could only feed the people Organic Grass Fed Angus beef, or Kobe Beef – daily., perhaps after many, many sphincter squeezes, — the new porcelain god of poop will have paid for itself.  Or perhaps – the “Brown 25” that emanated from the lower bowels of societies waste disposal systems will provide an ROI worthy of its vast investment.

I doubt it.  Talk about getting S–t on!  This “is” a new standard.  The gold standard and they didn’t even use any to build the toilet.  I suppose they think the people have the ability to do so on their own., thus getting there return on their investment.