Charlie Gard – a beautiful little soul lost

It is a sad day.  Little baby Charlie Gard, who fought for his life — literally everyday of his short life has passed. The real tragedy of this young babies life, is the interference and intervention, in England’s courts and medical care policy (Socialized Medicine) to instruct and tell the parents — who and what is in the best interest of there child.

Shame on them all.  Disgraceful.  If you wish to see and know what is so wrong with “big government,” socialized medicine — this is the blueprint.

If this is the direction of medical care (I use this word loosely) that is on the horizon for this nation — are we in for a world of hurt.  In a country of 35 plus million people — where they cannot manage it appropriately and responsibly., how can one expect the greed of insurance companies, executives etc, to do so here., in a nation of 320+ million.

Socialized medicine may provide coverage, but the care is sub-standard, by and large.  People are dying on the vine waiting for care, but “oh”- they have coverage.  It is the opinion of this individual that “healthcare” is not a right, under our Constitution., it is a privilege.  The Constitution provides the “pursuit of happiness,” not a guarantee.

Mostly, I am appalled at the interference of the English government insistence to not allow Little Charlie to be at home with his family in his last days.