That’s the Spirit!

Well, it has happened – again.  A disgruntled passenger on a Spirit Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Oakland, apparently stripped naked, (sadly he was male), and likely a fat-ass as well — after boarding the flight and approached a flight attendant.  He was taken in to custody by police and received medical attention.  Now that’s the funny part to me.  Medical attention?  Really?  He certainly made “strip” searching easier.  They should have have shoved a barium enema up his ass and that would have solved any confrontation.

Why couldn’t he at least have been a hunk from one of those male strip shows?  At least the women (flight attendants) would have had something nice to look at.  Don’t start with gay stuff–what if the flight attendant were a male, would he have been discriminated against?  Blah-Blah-Blah!!  I bet someone is going to sue for visual impairment. (his minuscule pecker) – and they were offended.

Perhaps, a few days in the clink and he may succumb to the newest fad in societal abnormal- “the transgendered M.O.”  NO, that wouldn’t be good — because naturally in California the taxpayers would have to pay for it.