An Arkansas man has been arrested and charged with having sex with the family “pet donkey” — I cannot make this stuff up.  Jackass!!!

Everett Lee Compton, 49, faces charges of bestiality, criminal trespassing and cruelty to animals.  I am not so certain on the cruelty charges, though.  Did they ask the donkey if she liked it or was being treated cruelly?  I think not.  Surveillance cameras on the property show the man placing a bag over a donkey’s head, then getting behind the donkey and placing his pelvis against the rear of the animal.  That poor donkey could have suffocated, I guess that is cruel.  Doggy style with a donkey?  You mean there isn’t a “donkey”style?

Perhaps Mr. Compton could have created a whole new sexual escapade.  No doubt the Liberal Democrats would protect and create some new laws for this man and his four-legged lover.  I can see it now.  The Transitional tendencies form two to four legs.  Donkey-dong!

Any relation to the Clinton clan here?  I mean, it happened in Arkansas.  Maybe Bubba could get this screw-ball on to Orgy Island for some real escapades – Donkey style.

Sick and twisted this nut job.  He claims he was smoking dope (pot) and it makes him do sick things.  I say, better a donkey then some little child.

And they walk among us, sucking up our oxygen.