Dunkin Do-Not?

Apparently an employee at a Dunkin Donuts has refused to serve police officers. Is this person for real?  Does this person know that police officers love there donuts and not serving them — (publicly hyped) there favorite snack meal is blasphemy.  Has she lost her “dunking munchkin?”

What is a man of public safety and peace officer to do now?  Where do they go for there favorite snack?  It’s not a chicken nugget or wings thing?  The outrage!!  I think I would be depressed if this happened to me.  Where is the public outcry?  Where is Al Sharpton and/or BLM (Black Lives Matter)?  Why is nobody screaming racist?  Were these white cops?  Hmmmm….,, one could bet if they weren’t — the MSM and aforementioned individuals would be all over this –like white on rice., not to mention Lena Dunham, the Democratic Party, Madonna and guaranteed Rosie O’Donell.  In fact, not having heard from her and Michael Moore is truly shocking.